Monday, June 30, 2008

New Fleurville Diaper Bags!!

We just recieved our new shipment of Fleuville Diaper Bags and we are so excited! Fleurville is one of our top selling diaper bag lines that moms can't get enough of! We thought we would give you a little history on their company and their bags and let you know just what all the hype is about with these stylish bags! We also love how Fleurville is committed to our environment and making sure we all have "Green Style!" Way to go Fleurville!!

Fleurville is a company focused on creating compelling solutions for modern parents. Intelligent functionality, durable construction and strong fashion appeal are what makes Fleurville products a pleasure to use!

Green-LAM™ is created with ®Fleurville’s very environmentally friendly polyurethane laminate Green-LAM™. Green-LAM™ has superior attributes like moisture–repellency, UV-resistance, and overall durability. Most other bag companies use PVC for this application. We don’t. We hope you share our commitment to teaching children responsible stewardship of our environment.

Fleurville wanted to develop a new fabric for people who want products made of a simple nylon-like fabric that had great enviromental properties. By purchasing products made with Re-Run you are helping to influence the way that companies make decisions about resources while you set an example for your children.

Fleurville is also committed to supporting our environment by creating products that use the greenest inputs they can find. Giving back is an important part of their corporate philosophy. Since 2003 they have committed to donating 1% of revenue to organizations that support families and the environment. A new cause Fleurville is very excited about is the Eco-Mom Alliance. Beginning this year, 3% of the proceeds from every Re-Run™ product will be donated to this organization. The mission of the Eco-Mom Alliance is to inspire and empower moms to take steps for a sustainable future by providing entertaining and accessible information and education. Started by a single mother who recognized the power a network of mothers could enact toward positive change, the "Eco-Mom Challenge" offers concrete steps individuals can take to reduce their impact on the environment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

KAOS Recycled

Just in...KAOS Recycled!

KAOS makes ultra hip recycled concert tees that you will want in your size too!

These Rock-N-Roll tees and dresses will look great on your trendsetting tots!

Available in both girl and boy styles

Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, The Beatles!!

These amazing pieces never last in our store more than a couple of days, so hurry in to check them out or give us a call to reserve yours!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spring and Summer Sale
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It's about time...

Finally!!! We have a blog!! Thanks to some encourging help by our friends, Bella Jack's now has an official blog! We are still very new to this, so please bare with us! We are hoping that we can help serve our loyal customers better by keeping you updated with all the latest and upcoming arrivals that are headed our way! We are currently in the long process of getting our website up and running, so we are hoping this can keep you tied over till then! We will also keep you updated on any of our sales, promotions, events, or any fun news that we would like to share with you! Please pass along our address to any of your friends that are in the blogging world! We always love hearing from our customers, so please let us know what you think or if we can do anything to better serve you! Thanks again~Paige